Yamaboshi Private High School

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Private High School

Yamaboshi Private High (私立山星高等学校) is a Japanese private high school. Though Taichi describes it as a carefree learning environment, Yamaboshi is implied to be a fairly difficult school to get into and requires a degree of scholarly expertise to be admitted. The school is well-stocked and provides enough supplies, such as food and blankets, for about a thousand people during times of emergency. Like most Japanese high schools, Yamaboshi operates on a trimester system.  



Yamaboshi High requires all students to participate in at least one club throughout their academic stay. As such, Yamaboshi is host to a variety of clubs such as the Jazz Band Club, Calligraphy Club, Cultural Club, etc. All clubs are run by students and supervised by a teacher advisor. In addition, all clubs must have at least five members to remain active.


All students are expected to dress in their school uniform. Said uniform, for males, consists of a blue blazer, sweater (for the winter seasons), white buttoned shirt, red tie and black slacks. Female uniforms consist of a blue blazer, sweater, button shirt, blue ribbon and black flannel skirt. There are several colors of sweaters in the school without any rules on the color. The sweater is also optional since some students never wear their sweaters even in winter. It seems the rules are fairly flexible as many students choose not to follow the dress code exactly. Eg. Yui who ties her sweater around her waist and Watase who doesn't wear a tie with his uniform.





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