Summer, Swimsuits, and a Storm

Kanji Name


Release Date

February 7, 2011



Summer, Swimsuits and a Storm (夏と水着と暴風雨) is a Drama CD that details a story about the Cultural Club's summer. The events of the CD's story take place before Hito Random.  


The Student Cultural Society are told to go on a trip to the beach by their advisor, Gotou. On their way there, all of their wallets were entrusted to Aoki and went missing, most likely stolen according to Inaba. The club is forced to compete in a competition at the beach to win ¥50,000 to pay for the train tickets home.

After they return to their hometown, the friends decide to work on their club newspaper. Working until very late, a huge storm unexpectedly blows over the city and all transportation is halted. As a result, they are forced to stay at school overnight, and the only teacher still on campus being Gotou. Later that night, Taichi and Iori hear screaming while wandering through the hallways. Thinking it was a ghost, the two find that the screams were coming from other students staying overnight who were shouting secret hopes and confessions into the wind, thinking it was too loud for them to be heard. After a bizarre turn of events, Taichi and Inaba later end up trapped in a closet together while looking for buckets.