Record Deletion (記録抹消) is unique in that it is a phenomenon that only occurs after another has ended. It is because of this phenomenon that all supernatural events have been kept secret from humanity, leaving no records behind. This phenomenon appears during the Asu Random arcs.


The Record Deletion phenomenon automatically activates during the aftermath of a phenomenon that has ended. All people involved, including Heartseeds, will have all their memories regarding the phenomenon wiped clean. The Cultural Research Club is the only known group to resist this phenomenon, having managed to retain their memories for almost two years. Record Deletion typically kicks in a few weeks after a phenomenon has ended.

During the early stages, the deletion process randomly causes the people involved to forget things at random times. Eventually, this will become a complete, permanent memory wipe of everything that has anything to do with the supernatural phenomenons. Anything gained from the phenomenon such as overcoming a trauma, becoming better friends or falling in love will also disappear. Unless the results could be obtained without the involvement of the phenomenons, then the achievements will not disappear. For example, the things learned at school and the conversations with others not about the phenomenon will still be remembered. Any materials used to record events having any relevance to the phenomenons will also disappear. The affected individuals will still notice that photos are missing from photo albums or pages in a notebook. However, living things cannot disappear, which allowed the StuCS to use the seeds of Heartseed to trigger their memories about the phenomenons. A side effect of this process is the inability to hear the conversations of other students in the school, which Taichi and Inaba experienced. The affected can see the mouths of others move but are unable to decipher what they are saying. The phenomenon does not appear to be pernament since the members of the StuCS regained their memories by going to places they had strong emotional attachments to during the phenomenons. 


  • This is the only phenomenon that affects the Heartseeds in some way and is involuntary.
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