I do hope that you won't hold a grudge. In fact... you guys... have experienced some good things, too, haven't you?


Phenomenons (現象) are recurring manifestations of Heartseed's powers which he uses to torment the members of the Student Cultural Society. Each phenomenon has a different theme and Heartseed usually allows the phenomenons to persist until he is sufficiently entertained by how the StuCS members respond to them.

Phenomenons in order of appearance

There are 16 canonical phenomenons:

  1. Personality Exchange (Hito Random)
  2. Desire Unleash (Kizu Random)
  3. Time Regression (Kako Random)
  4. Emotion Transmission (Michi Random)
  5. Illusion Projection (Nise Random)
  6. Forced Termination (Nise Random)
  7. Dream Perception (Yume Random)
  8. Record Deletion (Asu Random I)
  9. Isolation Dimension (Asu Random I)
  10. Unnamed Phenomenons (Asu Random II featured six distinct ones)
  11. Parallel World (Asu Random II)

Non-Canon Phenomenons


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