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Personality Exchange

Novel Debut

Hito Random

Personality Exchange (人格入れ替わり) is the first supernatural phenomenon caused by Heartseed and is featured in Hito Random. Later, in Asu Random I the Track & Field Club is plagued by this phenomenon.


Members of the group trade minds at random between each other and at random times. Any combination of exchange is possible, such as 3 people switch or all 5 switch at the same time. Each exchange can potentially last from a few minutes to a few hours.

Initially, exchanges would leave the members briefly disoriented, often leading them to collapse on the spot. However, after several switches, the members are no longer prone to collapsing and can immediately react to their exchange.

As revealed by Heartseed, should a person die while their personality is switched, the soul that is currently inhabiting the deceased will die with the body.


  • Briefly collapsing as a result of switching was left out in the anime.
  • In the English Dub, this phenomenon is referred to as "Personality Swap".
  • The exchanges mentioned or seen in the anime are in chronological order:
    • Yui and Aoki switching.
    • Iori and Taichi switching.
    • Aoki, Inaba and Yui switching.
    • Yui and Taichi switching.
    • Yui and Iori switching.
    • Aoki and Iori switching.
    • Inaba and Taichi switching.
    • Inaba, Aoki, Yui and Taichi switching.
    • Aoki and Yui switching (multiple times).
    • Yui and Taichi switching.
    • Taichi and Inaba switching.
    • Yui and Inaba switching.
    • Aoki and Iori switching.
    • Iori, Aoki and Yui switching.
    • Yui, Inaba and Iori switching.
    • Inaba and Iori switching.
    • There's a total of 16 mentioned exchanges. More exchanges are spoken of, but never specified in times nor people switching.
    • Yui switches the most with 10 times, Aoki, Inaba and Iori switch 7 times, and Taichi switches the least with 6 times.
    • The most common pair switching (can be together with other people) is Yui and Aoki, with a total of 5 times (more than that in reality, but the unspecified number above counts as one time).
    • Aoki and Taichi are the only ones that never switch with each other. Inaba, Yui and Iori switch with everyone else atleast one time.