The Parallel World (パラレルウールド) is an unnamed phenomenon that Inaba dubbed as such. This is the final phenomenon Heartseed forced upon the StuCS and was featured in Asu Random II


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The Parallel World is a phenomenon Heartseed created because he was curious about how the StuCS would react if Record Deletion actually succeeded and the members had their memories wiped. The world is reality but Heartseed can control it, but the key difference is that anything relevant to the phenomenons has been erased from the StuCS's memories and everyone continued living as if those events never transpired. Things that happen during this phenomen and its results are remembered after it is over and remain.  This phenomenon is a "what if" scenario Heartseed wanted to see. The phenomenon is over once the StuCS members remember everything that has happened after meeting Heartseed. The members must use clues left behind by themselves before going to the Isolation Dimension to remember what has been forgotten.

Differences Between the Parallel World and the Real World

  • All the events that happened after the Personality Exchange occurred are forgotten by everyone.

Student Cultural Research Club

  • Aoki and Yui are not dating.
  • Inaba and Taichi are not dating.
  • Chihiro and Enjouji did join the club but do not come often and are not open to the second years.
  • Inaba still continues to push Taichi and Iori together.

Yamaboshi High School

  • Setouchi is not the class president and her appearance is the same as before she dyed her hair black and cut it shorter. She has her long orange hair and continues to act like a delinquent.
  • Fujishima Maiko won the election for class representative
  • Watase Shingo has a girlfriend from outside of the school and has no interest in Fujishima.
  • People Taichi helped with "Dream Perception" do not recognize him. 
  • Nakayama is not dating Ishikawa.


  • This is the only phenomenon that Heartseed doesn't explain to the StuCS and has no exact name given.
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