Kokoro Connect Yume Random (ココロコネクトユメランダム) is a Japanese light novel written by Sadanatsu Anda, with illustrations by Shiromizakana. Yume Random was released on February 29, 2012.


The Cultural Society look forward to their upcoming School Field Trip to Hokkaido, but before they can have fun, the second years must focus on their career planning surveys. While the rest of the members seem to know what they want in their future, Taichi remains lost and unsure. Heartseed initiates his latest phenomenon which he claims will be "the finale." The phenomenon allows the second year members to see the secret desires of other students at Yamaboshi High. While most of the club agree to ignore the phenomenon, Taichi and Yui cannot bring themselves to do so, putting them at odds with Inaba and Aoki. The phenomenon leaves the StuCS divided, and the friends learn what it really means to be a hero.



Chapter 1 - The Season for Career Planning Surveys

Chapter 2 - The Announcement of Beginning of the Last

Chapter 3 -Cupid of Love 

Chapter 4 - Parting of the Ways They Believe in

Chapter 5 - She is the Renowned Detective

Chapter 6 - The Confrontation and the Trap

Chapter 7 - Under the Starry Sky

Chapter 8 - Their Individual Resolutions

Epilogue: And Thereafter

Author's Notes

Plot Summary

Warning: information below contains some spoilers!

"This is the final one," said Heartseed.

Chapter 1

Summer Vacation is over and it's the start of a new term. Yaegashi Taichi receives a form to select his courses for next year. He has to choose whether to go into sciences or into humanities. He climbs up the stairs to room 401, the Student Cultural Society club room and opens the door. He hears the rest of the members talking about the future. Enjouji Shino was asked first but cannot come up with an answer. Kiriyama Yui tells Shino that it's still to early for her to make a decision and pats Shino's head. Seeing this, Aoki becomes jealous and wants Yui to do the same for him. Yui instead tells him that she'll give a few kicks and punches instead. Hearing this Taichi makes a Pro-Wrestling related comment but Inaba interrupts saying it wasn't needed. Nagase says to Taichi, "Inaba is stopping Taichi from making stupid comments, Inaban is back!" Inaba responds by saying "I am always Taichi's best partner, undoubtly...". Before Inaba finishes talking, Nagase interrupts saying "Dereban's stupidity is in the area". The StuCS starts talking about their own futures. Uwa Chihiro wants to get into a university and get a good paying, stable job. Inaba is going to into Sciences, trying to get into a university and discover the truth behind Heartseed. Iori is going into Humanities but is secretive about the job she wants, though she gives a hint that it is related to children. Yui wants to be a police officer in the future so she will take Humanities classes. Taichi, however, doesn't know what to say and his Course selection form remains blank. The rest of the members start giving suggestions to Taichi. Shino suggests that Taichi should become an announcer or a narrator so that she can hear Taichi's sweet voice every morning to wake her up. Inaba tells Shino that she is the only one allowed to receive any morning calls from Taichi. Shino then suggests that Inaba records the call and give it to her. Back to topic, Aoki was the next one to be asked. Aoki wants to be the boss of a new company. Because going to university is useless, he decided to work. Yui makes a comment saying Aoki can't get into university because he is not smart enough. Aoki says that it has nothing to do with that. Aoki's father has recently been fired from his job but said that "he didn't do it". The rest are confused by this last statement.  Aoki's sister is working to pay off the loan, but right now he is fine for tuition because of a scholarship but there is still a financial problem. The rest of the members are worried about Aoki and Yui wants him to tell her what's really going on but Aoki declines to elaborate. After club activities, Taichi and Inaba go to a cafe and Inaba continuously pokes Taichi on the cheeks. Their talk soon becomes serious, talking about Aoki's problem and Taichi's blank Course selection form.

Chapter 2

The next day, Heartseed comes to the clubroom announcing that this time is the last one. This time, the second years in StuCS are able to see other people's hopes and desires which can be summed up as a "dream". The second years can see the dreams of everyone in the school except for their fellow StuCS members. The first years are not given this power but the second years are still unable to see their dreams. Heartseed calls this the bonus stage. After finishing explaining, the strategy against this phenomenon is to do nothing and ignore what you see. Inaba gives the name "Dream Perception" because you peek into other's dreams without permission. Inaba repeats "don't do anything about Dream Perception" to make it very clear. While Taichi is on his way home, he meets Fujishima Maiko jogging near his house. At that moment, Taichi sees Fujishima's dreams caused by "Dream Perception". He sees that Fujishima is walking towards a room with toilet written on it. Taichi interprets this dream as Fujishima wanting to use a washroom and offers her to come to his home to borrow his washroom and Fujishima accepts. After Fujishima is done, she asks Taichi how he knew about what she wanted and Taichi tries to make excuses to divert her from the truth. Taichi's sister,Yaegashi Rina comes home and meets Fujishima for the first time.

Fujishima having perverted thoughts about Rina with Taichi seeing her dream

Taichi then sees another dream. This time he sees Fujishima getting closer to his sister grabbing onto Rina's clothes. Taichi is horrified and immediately tells Fujishima to get out. The next day, Heartseed possessing Gotou and No.2 possessing a female student, see each other and have a conversation. No.2 asks Heartseed if the mission finished and if he regret it. Why? Isn't it odd? But Heartseed answers with "Who knows?" and the two release the bodies they're possessing.

Chapter 3

The next morning, at the StuCS clubroom, Inaba is angry that the rest of the members did not ignore the dreams they saw, but decides to forgive them since it is the first time. Aoki then starts talking about the dream he saw but before Aoki can finish, Inaba abruptly tells him to shut up. Inaba sternly reminds everyone to ignore the phenomenon but suddenly trips and stumbles. The others assume that it was because she's tiring herself out just like during the Personality Exchanges, but Inaba reveals that she merely witnessed another Dream Perception. She keeps quiet about it as promised. Yui asks Aoki about his family problems again and asked him why his cheek is red. Aoki admits that his sister slapped him in the face earlier because he mentioned their financial troubles and her problems concerning college. Aoki said to his sister, "I'm fine, but you should think about your own happiness too." His sister told him, "How could I sacrifice my brother for my own happiness, you retard?! You should help yourself instead of me!" before hitting Aoki. Taichi and Yui thinks that Aoki's sister is aggressive and cool. Aoki makes a joke and laughs, trying to change the mood of the conversation while hiding his stresses. In class, Taichi and Yui see dreams of Ishikawa and Mariko being happy together and Taichi infers that they both want to start going out. Yui claims that Taichi is starting to think like Inaba, making very logical conclusions and analyzing the situations. Taichi states that going out with Inaba does that to you. Yui and Taichi discuss what to do and thinking over how timing is important. Taichi reminisces about his past with Nagase and Inaba, and how, if his timing was different, he might have gone out with Nagase instead. Suddenly, the two remember that Inaba has forbid them from doing anything about the dreams they see and how she would never allow them to take action.

After school in the clubroom, Shino and Chihiro join the group and are informed about Heartseed's appearance and the new phenomenon, and that this time, they are not involved. Inaba becomes suspicious of Yui and accuses her of hiding something behind their backs. Nagase, using her position as President, stops the argument and demands order. Given the floor, Taichi explains that this time is different from any previous phenomenon and that they are making conclusions too soon. Next, Yui is allowed to speak. Yui says, "I think that it's not weird to protect people from things happening and connect people if there's a good thing seen. I think we must use this 'power'." Chihiro, who abused the power of Illusion Projection previously, repeats "using power?" Yui corrects herself, stating that she hasn't decided to use the power yet, but assures that if there's a time when the power must be used, she will use it. With nothing else to add, Iori calls an end to the meeting. On their way home, Taichi, Aoki, and Yui make their way to the train station together. Yui noticed that Aoki didn't say anything in the clubroom and asked him whether or not he would use the power. Aoki replies confidently he wouldn't use the power and completely agrees with Inaba. Yui questions if Aoki is on Inaba's side and he responds by asking, "Who are we to decide what are good things to do and which people are in trouble?" Yui then inquires if Aoki would use the power if it could potentially help his father. Aoki states he still wouldn't do anything. Yui keeps questioning Aoki, believing it to be weird not to help those who they can help. Yui then asks what happened with Aoki's father. Aoki replies with two words: "sexual harassment." Yui doesn't believe it and Aoki explains that a high school girl wrongfully accused Aoki's father of harassment, though Aoki's family trusts that he would never do such a thing. Aoki's father ended up arrested even though there were no other witnesses at the scene. Yui apologizes but Aoki says that she doesn't need to. Both Yui and Taichi agree that Aoki's father would never do such a thing, remembering Aoki's father as a kind person when they met via Personality Exchange. Aoki departs with one final statement, "It's not fair to help only the people we choose to help, we either help everyone or we help no one at all." When Taichi got home, he is 

Mariko hugging Taichi and Yui after successfully dating Ishikawa

confused on what to do. He can't abandon people who he can help. Suddenly he sees a dream where a girl was running in the halls and sees a cell phone with a blue bear strap and after finding saying "thank god!". Taichi will be more careful tomorrow and notice if anything is dropped. Taichi can't decide who to side with, Yui or Inaba. On Monday, Taichi tells Yui that he will help those that he can help and use the power of Dream Perception to do so. When Yui asks about Inaba's permission. Taichi replies by saying her permission isn't needed. Taichi talks to Ishikawa and  confirms whether he wants to go out with Nakayama. After confirming it he gives him a push to confess to Mariko. In the end, Mariko tells Taichi and Yui that she and Ishikawa are now successfully dating.

Yui and Taichi meet after class and said that she is happy to see Mariko that happy. Taichi is happy too. Now without question, using this power to help people is not wrong. Yui says that those with power should help those who needs help as long as it's not a weird dream. Taichi then say, " The power to know other's dreams and desires, we should grant those wishes." At that moment Taichi noticed something. By knowing the dreams, wishes, and desires of people, they have a big influence on the others and can fulfill the desires of others. Doesn't this perfectly fit the act of god? 

Chapter 4

Taichi and Yui began to write down the dreams they see and help the people in the dream during school. Kiriyama and Taichi decided to help bring happiness to anyone they can help. Just thinking about this, Taichi is pleased with this decision. 

On the Friday after club activities, Inaba and Taichi went to their usual cafe. Inaba got straight to the point and asked Taichi," Are you planning something?" Inaba continued, "Taichi you have changed from a "Selfless Freak" to a "Meddling Bastard". Taichi replies by saying, "Everything's under control". 

After the weekend, Kiriyama and Taichi met again in class. Taichi suddenly sees a dream. [Watase in his uniform is playing soccer. He goes into a store and is handed a pair of spike shoes.] Kiriyama asks Taichi what he saw but he doesn't tell Kiriyama.

During break, Kiriyama goes to Taichi and tells him that she saw something about Aoki's father's problem. The pair went to the third year floor and searched for the girl Kiriyama saw in her dream. Kiriyama begins explaining to Taichi what she saw and thought that she said something odd. In the dream, the girl was saying "it's not like that! You got it all wrong! It's my fault!" Kiriyama thought that it was the opposite reaction for someone who was sexually harassed. They waited outside the classroom and Kiriyama pointed at the girl she saw in the dream. In the end they didn't confront that girl. When they returned to their own classroom, Nagase came to them and said, "Recently Yui and Taichi have been together all the time. You two also disappeared during break" Kiriyama looking at Taichi as if asking him what should we do? Taichi made an excuse by saying, "Kiriyama asked me for advice about Aoki, about love."Nagase bought it this time but continues to be suspicious of the two.

During class, Taichi sees another dream. This time the dream showed a girl crying. It was the girl they saw at break. Her head was facing the ground saying sorry in front of a man. The man was Aoki's father. The girl started talking. "You're angry that I lied. I can't ask you for forgiveness but please understand the situation. The police came and things started coming out of my mouth. And then ...... " The girl kept looking at the ground.

The dream Taichi saw, Kiriyama also saw. The two came to the same conclusion. Aoki's father was wrongfully accused for sexual harassment. During lunch break, Taichi and Kiriyama went into an empty classroom. From what Aoki said, it can't be certain that it was a wrongful accusation. The only people who knows the truth were Aoki's father and that girl. Kiriyama said, " It was such a coincidence that we saw that dream, maybe it's fate?" Then suddenly someone said, " You two appear to be aware of it." It was Heartseed. In the middle of the day using Gotou's body, it was hard to believe that Heartseed appeared again. Kiriyama clenched her fists and asked, " How do you keep coming so close to us with out us noticing?" Heartseed replied, " I was just walking normally."Taichi asked, " Do you have something to say?" Heartseed said, "Kiriyama wanted me to come, and Taichi was thinking deeply about being able to see dreams and told me to come." Taichi said, " So we can just call you to come out and you will." Heartseed replied, " Yes, but not always. Keeping this in mind is important. If you two are doing what I'm thinking of, this piece of knowledge is important." Taichi asked, "So we're on the palm of your hand and observing us?" " It's good if you do that for me . If you guys do that I will give you a hand since it's the bonus stage." answered Heartseed. Kiriyama then said, " Why don't you just end this phenomenon already?" Heartseed then asked, " Is it ok to do that? You wouldn't be helping Aoki. It looks like you two can help Aoki right now. One more thing, please don't mention this "power" to anyone. It's annoying to clean up the mess after." With that last word, Heartseed left and Gotou returned to himself.

The next day during Physical Education class, the Taichi's class and Inaba's class were together. The boys were playing basketball and the girls were playing volleyball. Aoki and Taichi were practicing dribbling and passing. Taichi told Aoki to pass but Aoki accidentally kicked the ball. Taichi went over asked him if he was alright. Aoki said that he had a family meeting last night. His sister treated him like a child and told him to stay out of it. She got really angry. In the end, divorce and selling the house was brought up  and his sister said it was bad for him to listen to this conversation. Aoki forcefully passed the ball to Taichi. From that pass, Taichi felt that Aoki was really stressed and it was rare to see Aoki being cornered like that. Taichi then saw a worried Kiriyama looking at Aoki.

After school, Kiriyama and Taichi decided to meet again to discuss Aoki's problem. Taichi then brought up that will the situation be solved even if that girl confesses to the police. But Kiriyama said," Aoki's father is still being wrongfully accused. A wrongful accusation is actually a crime. She lied to the police and now wants the chance to apologize." Taichi thought about it and realized that a person who committed a crime should be punished. What she did caused a lot of trouble to others as well. But they can't just go to the police saying what they saw in the dream. They would never believe in such a power. Kiriyama whispered, "Should we let the police catch her? What should we do?" Taichi didn't give a reply.

After school, Kiriyama and Taichi went to the club room but Aoki was not there. Kiriyama asked Inaba where's Aoki but Inaba only could say that he had family issues to take care of. After the club activities, Kiriyama and Taichi called Iori to come with them to have a talk. Taichi used an excuse that he had to go home and think about the course selection form alone, to leave the club room without Inaba following. Enjouji thought that Taichi going home alone thinking about his course selection and career was a flag for him to go to a voice perfecting school. Taichi was not amused by her joke and left the club room.

At a park near the school, Taichi and Kiriyama wanted to consult with Nagase about what to do. The three of them found a bench and sat down. Taichi handed a can of juice to Nagase and started the conversation. "There's some we couldn't talk at school and Inaba was also there. Sorry for making you come out all the way here. What do you think about our actions using Dream Perception. Last time during the meeting we didn't here your position on the subject. Because we have power, shouldn't we do something with it? Shouldn't we do things that wasn't possible before?" Nagase with a calm tone answered, " I can't judge your decision. I haven't decided on it yet."  Nagase bent her neck and her soft hair fell. Nagase continued, " Sorry Taichi, Yui. I wanted you to say 'If we have power we  should do something!' Which is one way to say it" Taichi said," I wasn't planning on doing that. But, 'Which is one way to say it', I see," "At least, my stance of not decided yet doesn't mean you should use the power. If you are not fully prepared to use it, you will only see tragedy. Do you guys understand?" said Nagase. Taichi whispered, " That won't..... happen." Nagase continued with a strong tone, " If you are going to use power, you better be prepared to use it."

Taichi and Kiriyama parted ways with Nagase, who is heading in a different direction. They walked to the station but Kiriyama was quietly thinking about something for the entire way. Taichi was also deeply thinking about things. Nagase's opinion does have its own logic. The effects of the supernatural phenomenon can recklessly affect others. If  someone in front of them is suffering from happiness, Taichi and Yui have the power to correct this unhappiness."I will do it." Without any warning said a determined Yui. "I think we must pursue justice." Justice. A word that carries a heavy weight for a typical high school student.  "We must protect the ones that we can protect. Undoubtedly we must correct this. If we ignore this, we are the same as bad people." said Yui. Taichi completely but unconsciously agreed to Yui's words." We will do things that are right but we must be careful of what Heartseed is planning too." said Yui. " If the problem can be solved, let's solve it. If it becomes too much for us to handle we'll pull out. " said Taichi. Yui continued, " We don't have to tell the others right? We can't let others get dragged into something we selfishly decided. That's why we'll keep it a secret between us two." Kiriyama made a bitter smile. " Isn't it weird that we're not dating but are completely cooperating with each other. Aoki and Inaba are against us. On top of that we're hiding it from them." Taichi thought that this is something that he should be doing, this fight isn't wrong. He said, " Dating doesn't necessary mean that we will have the same opinions. And hiding it from them is just a way not to burden them." Yui replied, " That's right. Let's do out best. I have always received helped from Aoki, this time it's my turn to help him." 

The next day after the decision was made, Kiriyama while shaking said, "Is it ok Taichi. What if we misunderstood the situation and got the wrong person?" Taichi replied, " If we are wrong, I'll sincerely apologize with all my might." The first part of the fight was up to Kiriyama. "Senpai, I am a second year, Kiriyama Yui. I want to talk to you so can you come with me?  Senpai?" Taichi went around the corner of the school building first and prayed for success. Time passed and after 7 minutes of waiting  Taichi saw the girl led by Kiriyama. Without bringing suspicion, Kiriyama has led her to the location. The first stage was cleared. The girl then said, " What's this? Leading me to a place without anyone?" Taichi then came out from where he was hiding. "Eek! Wait a minute! What?" The girl frightened started stepping back as if trying to get away. Kiriyama grabbed her arm and said " Please Wait! " Taichi then asked, " Let's get straight to the point Senpai, about that sexual harassment incident on that train...... honestly tell us what happen." The girl was confused and was completely frozen. "ah.....eh,,,,,ah" With a deep breath the girl said, " What are you talking about?" It seemed like it was a misunderstanding. "Coincidentally, there was a witness and we heard from that person." " That's a lie" She answered instantly but her face and in front of their eyes, she stiffened. Kiriyama standing beside her said, " It's true." "Lies" The girl was enraged, and still was gripped by Kiriyama. Her collar was grabbed and she pushed away from Kiriyama. "That's not possible. Lies,At that time there wasn't anyone from school. There was an argument with the other passengers but....." Her enraged face became really pale. She noticed what she said from her own mouth. "ahh. Why? Why so suddenly? Why now?"The girl was shaking but then escaped from Taichi and Yui. Taichi and Yui ran after her. Yui said, " What should we do?" Taichi answered, " First, we should stop her." Kiriyama's athletic ability compared to the other girl was a lot greater which allowed her to catch up to the girl. Kiriyama grabbed the girl's arm. "Please wait! Calm down!" " Let me go! Let me go! You guys have nothing to do with this! I didn't do anything wrong!" The girl violently resisted. Yui then said, " You're wrong, I don't think you did anything bad. It's just that there's a person in trouble in this school. To be exact, his father. That's why" The girl was surprised to hear this and stopped moving. From the ""dream perception"", she wanted to apologize which meant that she was feeling regret and guilt. With this in mind, Taichi approached her and said, " You regret what you did. You can fix this. You can apologize and help that kid. Above all, you can end this without needing to feel regret. Whether it's for yourself or for that kid, I beg you to apologize and fix this." The girl started crying  and said,"I'm sorry.  I'm sorry. Could you listen to my story?"  As she talked she cried as if she looked like a child. Kiriyama continued, " We'll listen. Please start" The girl started talking about the events, " That..... That wasn't what I intended to do. Completely not what I intended." The girl started explaining what happened that day. The girl was on the train and was on her phone. (You're not suppose to talk loudly on the phone on the subway in Japan) It appeared she threatened Aoki's father, but even so Aoki's father ignored her and had a conversation with her. Aoki's father was determined to tell her that he grabbed her arm lightly. Then she screamed " Pervert! Pervert!". " After that the Subway authority came and made it into a big scene. The police asked me questions but I couldn't say it was a mistake and selfishly answered the questions. There wasn't any witnesses and there were very few passengers.  When I got home, I saw on the internet news about wrongful accusation of sexual harassment, Aoki's father's company was laying people off. I knew I caused some trouble but didn't know what to do. I'm one who's wrong not him. I wanted to say that but ....." The girl politely explained the entire situation. Taichi and Yui pitied her but it doesn't change the bad things she did. She blamed others for something bad she did. But things concerning the police, if there's a chance to come forward you must do it. The person involved even acknowledges the true events that happened. Is this still a crime, I still don't know. Taichi asked,"What are you going to do now?" The girl answered, " After talking about it with you, I made a decision. I will go talk to the police and apologize to that man. I've been always wanting to do that. " So this is the truth, something this girl wished from the bottom of her heart, the truth Taichi and Yui seen in Dream Perception. Taichi and Yui didn't help the girl to confront the police after she said, " This is something I'll do myself." They asked for help from Fujishima Maiko, who's father is a high ranking police officer, After telling the details to Fujishima, when school was over, police officers came and escorted the girl away. Fujishima reported back to Taichi and Yui, " After a great consideration, considering her situation there probably won't be any chance of being a serious crime." Yui said, " Thanks for the help." Fujishima then asked "It's ok. By the way, how did you get involve? You put lots of effort in to it. One of the world's wrongfully accused sexual harassment case has been solved and saved a girl who was tormented by the crime." Yui then replied modestly, " Just by chance. Just by chance."  Fujishima then turned to Taichi and asked, "Yaegashi-kun, did you just stumble on to this by chance as well?" Taichi replied, " Yeah, that's how it is." "hmmm? Is that so?" Taichi noticed Fujishima looking at him as if there was a hidden meaning being that look. Even though they didn't plan on it, the rumors of a third year girl falsely accusing a man of sexually harassing her spread through the school. Taichi and Yui being involved in the resolution of the problem was also pretty clear to the some of the students. Yukina and Setouchi complimented them on their decision do what should be done and their hard work. Taichi and Yui were relieved that Aoki's father has been cleared of any crime. Suddenly Taichi's girl friend, Inaba Himeko came to their class room and asked them to meet with her during lunch break.

"You guys used Dream Perception to resolve Aoki's father's incident right?" Inaba got straight to the point. Scary and so direct. "umm, it seems that way." Taichi admitted that he could no longer hide the facts. "Tell me the details." The five second years gather around the long table. While sensing Kiriyama's anxiousness,  Taichi explained what happened. "--and the went to the police"  Taichi finished explaining. At that moment, Inaba scornfully laughed. "You guys' speech ends here right?" "What do you mean?" Taichi felt a little anger and unpleasantness coming from Inaba while he asked. "After that what happened? You guys don't know what happened right. Your part in this may end her but reality isn't like that. Tell them Aoki." Inaba passed the baton to Aoki. Aoki made a serious face, probably confused about the question himself, and let out a sigh. "Well..... My dad was ok and it was cleared up with the police. But that girl, I don't know what happened to her. ....And the company still decided to lay off an employee." From those words, Kiriyama's serious expression lightened up. Taichi was also relieved. But why was Aoki's face look like he was cornered? He doesn't look happy, more like driven into a wall. Nagase just carefully watched over the scene."..... In the place of my dad, The company laid off a different employee I heard. Originally, the company was under restructuring and was looking for necessary members." Kiriyama's face tightened up, Taichi too. The muscles in their face changed. " Do you understand now?" Inaba quickly told them and they slowly took it in. Scratching, pushing the blame on them."Do you guys know who and whose family you messed up?" "But that's!" Unexpectedly Taichi raised his voice. This probably the first time Taichi has raised his voice. "The reality is that Aoki's father was wrongfully accused and because of that he was laid off. Because Aoki's ......" "That's not what I'm talking about !!!" Inaba punched the table and yelled. It felt like I was paralyzed for a moment, couldn't move my body. " If it's for helping a family member of someone you know, anything goes for the other people involved? That's probably not the case right? You ignored my advice sneakily took action! " Kiriyama while crying desperately explained. "Wait a minute Inaba. Not telling you before taking action, I'll apologize. I'm sorry. But I want you to understand that our actions weren't wrong. It was a crime, that's why. A crime and being not involved ...... our position..... Whoever's unhappiness and blaming it on someone else is....." "Whether or not it's good or evil is not the point! The point is what's good and what's evil!" Kiriyama's crusade was utterly defeated with one roar. But Taichi was still silent and it's not needed right now. "But.... But it's a crime! A crime is evil because the law has decided that it is!" "Those are rules that humans themselves who will take responsibility have decide." "If....""But we aren't ""normal"" people anymore and are not bounded by these rules! Don't you forget that!" Not bounded by these rules, People who have power. Have we assumed that we became ""abnormal"". Sob, sob, Kiriyama's blowing her nose could be heard. ".....I'm right" Kiriyama stated. "Someone was in trouble..... Aoki's father was..... after that I helped Aoki." Kiriyama looked at Aoki clinging to the conformation from Aoki. Those kinds of eyes from the person you love, Aoki made a difficult face. ".....That was not needed." Rejected, abandoned. Kiriyama couldn't believe it, her face turned pale. "If you did what you did, you have to stick your neck into every unfortunate situation you see people in. Not only me, it's not fair."" Not fair? I don't understand what you're talking about" One turn and this time Kiriyama's throat cheeks were red. "What's wrong with trying to fix a mistake? I have received help form you so many times! This time I returned the favor. This I can clearly.....give you an answer. Come up with a conclusion. Is it so wrong!?" "Yui......If I did something, you would do something for me!? Returning a favor!? That sort of thing, that sort of responsibility, or that sort of sympathy.....stop doing that!"Trembling in fear, Aoki bit his lips. I don't understand why is Aoki being so stubborn. If anything happen , he will for sure yield. Taichi and Kiriyama going up against Inaba, she wouldn't yield to us I think. "Why.....!? You probably are happy! You must be happy......This is weird." Kiriyama rubbed her eyes while looking at the floor. Compared to before, Inaba started to speak in a calm voice."There are things we must not do. Even if you think it's irrational, even if you feel it's heartless, even if you need to swallow your tears and regret, we can only accept this reality." "Even if we overlook a crime? People who become unfortunate as well?" Taichi asked. Is this selflessness? No, this is different. This is the right thing to do as a person. "I think that using this "power" for our own desires and benefits is wrong for sure. But blindly accepting the rule about "we must not take any actions", we're doing this for someone else, we can save other people---" "Who do you think you are, a protagonist!?" Filled with scorn, Inaba said one phrase. "Because of you, we don't have to start anything but the 'story' has begun." "What.....what are you trying to say?" "I'm saying, It's as if you are a protagonist in a stupid adventure story. Do you understanding? The meaning of this? It's like the city is oppressed by a government and that if no body moves then it's stable. Something you must do and you take action and you start a war to fight against the oppression." The things I'm doing now, am I really asking for a unnecessary conflict? Saving someone though. "If it's up until now, then it's ok, your protagonist character. But now, this situation, that's a fatal fault, it's wrong for sure. It's because you can't sit back and do nothing." Taichi was completely scolded, his blood rushed too his head. From inside his emotions surged out. "Yeah, I can't! Well, what's wrong with that! I'm that kind of human being! From before, I haven't changed from "that" ! It was something you said a while back!" It was the time when Inaba said "Selfless Freak" . Inaba said "Because I was born with that, it can't be changed ." Well if that's so then I should stick to it. "I, I'll do it. I think I'm correct.......Using Dream Perception and to help anybody." It's only that. Taichi's own fight and determination. Kiriyama also continued. "I also......will do it. And I am right. I'll prove it." Aoki seemed like he wanted to say something, but without saying anything he scratched his head. Nagase was watching everything closely without saying anything or moving. Beside each other are Taichi and Kiriyama and across from them side by side are Inaba and Aoki. Two against two. The oppositions glared at each other. Why are we arguing with each other? Much less opposition against each other. It's not like we discovered someone's troubles, it's not like we revealed someone's feelings to the public against their wishes, it's not like we shackled someone to the past and mistaken something, it's not like we looked into someone's minds, it's not like we lied to someone. It's not like someone's problem was actualized because of this phenomenon.But. That's why. There is no room for wavering, we both will decisively break off ties with each other. The things we believe in are different. The paths we believe in are also different. Inaba squinted her eyes and then returned to glaring across. "......ok, I'll say it once more. I'll make it clear,  a "power" that is not normally possible can greatly influence society. With this you would be the same as Heartseed.  You regretably change something and it can't be returned to normal. It's obviously wrong, the worse course of action" She's blaming us. "That's because "Dream Perception" is going to happen and we won't do anything. If you are going to use that "power", then I will use every possible way to stop you." Inaba has always been Taichi's ally. "That's...... because I think this is the right way, this is justice" This is the first time, Inaba, as an enemy, standing in my way. 


"Ahh, What's with this situation!"Inaba Himeko was angry alone as she returned home. Without out thinking, she raised her voice. Bam! She kicked a electric pole with the inside of her shoe. It's easy to understand if she looks like an idiot right now. She was venting her rage. Yui and Taichi as enemies. Going against Taichi. Taichi. Taichi...... "......I understand, well, he's a kind guy......a good guy......His feelings of what he wants to do, I understand that too." But I'm right. Those guys are misunderstanding the situation. I, myself, must stop them. If this belief is twisted then the brakes will lose its effect. Losing the effect we will not slip out of this abnormality. And then myself from ----- can't slip out.I must protect the last line of defense. No matter the sacrifice. This is already, war.

Chapter 5

The next day, all seven of the StuCS members gathered. There's Taichi and Kiriyama who think that using this "power" is correct. Then there's Inaba and Aoki who think that no matter what happens, they should not use this "power". Since the conflicting sides are in different classes, the last time they saw each other was during yesterday's lunch break. Because of the conflict, yesterday's club activities were cancelled as dictated by Nagase. Club activity will promptly resume and the opposing sides will meet. The StuCS was divided into two against two. Nagase did not say which side was correct and decided to be the one to balance the two sides. "......and did the atmosphere worsen?" ".....Yesterday you suddenly said, 'Club activities are cancelled for the day.'" Uwa Chihiro and Enjouji Shino, not knowing the details, looked concerned. "Oh, right. I didn't tell the first years yet." While Nagase talked to the first years, the other four second years worked on their homework with an unpleasant atmosphere. After Nagase summarized the situation and explained it to the first years, Inaba opened her mouth. "Shino and Chihiro, which side do you think is right?" Suddenly interrupting, Taichi was struck with fear. Inaba's eyes fixed on Chihiro and Shino, the anxiety quickly transmitted to Taichi and Kiriyama. "Which.....which side is correct.....I can't say...." All nervous, Enjouji's eyes wandered around. "Which side am I on, is that right?" Across from them, Chihiro calmly returned a question to them. "No, because of you guys, we talked about the details but you two are not directly involved and we especially don't intend to get you involved. That's why we simply want to hear your honest opinion." Half-spiritedly, Inaba put on an act. Kiriyama was visibly nervous. One breath and then "Is that so?" was left in the room. Chihiro spoke. "In my opinion, I think we shouldn't do anything. If we do that, nothing will happen. I think it's wrong to make doing anything a rule, for this situation...... Above all, it would make things a painful experience." Chihiro made an unpleasant expression and Inaba laughed with a broad smile. "You guys can't persuade anyone, if you say anything." "But Chihiro.....we can help everyone....." Kiriyama whispered weakly. "Shut up Yui. Chihiro has his own opinion." Inaba sternly interrupted. "No, no Inaban. Acting hostile is not allowed." Nagase slipped in and acted as a buffer to this situation. Her tone was neither heavy nor light but altered the mood. "..... well aren't you cool." Inaba said with a half-stunned and half-admiring look. "Huhuhu, this is when I should get serious." "And Shino?" But Inaba was not planning to finish that easily. "Yes!? I......I....."  About to give an opinion, everyone's eyes were on her, and she felt like her body shrunk. "If you can't think of something, then it's ok." Aoki said. But that time. Shino tensely looked up. "I think ...... if we can do something, we should......! Saying that.... we should make it a better atmosphere...... I'm saying that....... no, what am I saying..." Enjouji said with enthusiasm, she was stared at by Inaba with the latter half becoming an abrupt trim mark. "Enjouji was thinking that the best thing to do is the make use of this power right?"  Taichi dispatched a rescue ship.  "Yes! I just didn't know how to put it! It's wrong to not reach out to someone drowning right? Even if it's a weird 'power', those with power must help those in need!" "Because 'dreams' are people's desires, it's different from someone drowning." Inaba criticized and Taichi argued back, "But the logic behind it is still the same." But Inaba didn't make Taichi her opponent. "Think about it, Shino. Are 'desires' something you can fulfill for someone? They are something you should achieve yourself." "Something ..... to achieve by oneself.....yes" "But giving assistance is normal though" "Desires should be fulfilled by ones own will. Someone who requests for assistance of course happens but it's different than cutting in and granting someones desires without permission." "Well..... if it's desires....... then it's probably...... ummmm....." Unable to ignore the confused Enjouji, Kiriyama interjected. "What's up with you Inaba? Are you planning to use your logic to force Shino-chan to become your ally?" "You guys are trying to get us out of the way, too. You got a problem with that?" Without even being direct, it was an undesirable attack. "I won't fight against you guys who are not positive about this?" "I will fight against you. That's because I think I'm correct." "Me too....... because I..." My own determination has been decided, I'm going to stand my ground. Because "Those words...... Take them all back, Inaba." "You......!" Inaba's eyes were wavering around. They were made wavering. Taichi was bewildered. "Stop this arguing. It's ok to have a constructive debate. How many times are you going to make me be the neutral party? I think I will change my name to 'Referee Nagase'." Taichi thought over Nagase's predicament and stopped the conversation there. Just then, Taichi noticed the strange feeling of discomfort. This place has a bad atmosphere, as the mood maker not taking up space and always joking around, Aoki didn't do anything. Now the Cultural Research Club could not maintain the appearance they had. 

After announcing clearly in front of Inaba and the others that they will use the "power", Taichi and Kiriyama became more involved in using "Dream Perception" to help others. To solve people's worries, they lent a hand. Anything someone wanted to do, they helped them achieve it. Of course, besides doing anything noticeably strange. This is possibly due to hoping for more or wanting to see more visions: compared to before, the number of times "Dream Perception" has activated has increased from a few times a day to around 10 times a day. This appeared to be happening with Kiriyama as well. Even occurring while sleeping without waking up. On average, it has been occurring once every hour. (When I try asking Nagase, she said it's occurring seven or eight times a day.) As a result, thanks to this, the amount of things we can do has increased. Very wild "dreams" were impossible of course, but small reasonable dreams are something we can fulfill right now.Rather than the person them self work hard to fulfill their "dream", there was a lot of times we just gave them a hand to fulfill them. Because of the small push to their backs, if only just a little, Taichi and Kiriyama's role would be finished. Among them, one thing stood out thoughtlessly, Love counselling duty. They saw grand dreams like "I want to be an Olympic athlete in the future" or dreams that were within hand's reach like "I want the test to over quickly."  but dreams related to love were seen most often. High school students in the middle of puberty all have one thing in mind, how it can't be any more stressful. In the school, the person someone likes was seen once or twice. If it becomes necessary, then we are aware of it. In the school about everyone, once per day it is something noticeable. If that becomes a "dream", it will appear in front of Taichi and others. And if we can see the "dream", then there is something we can do. Taichi and Kiriyama if the the two parties of the coupling is seen, then they will give them a little push. (If only one side shows a liking, for the purpose of making Taichi and Kiriyama aware, it will be easy to obtain information from one side.) The two thoughts show a go sign but they will objectively see the situation. " The people who consult with Yaegashi-kun and Yui-chan will become a couple approximately 100 percent of the time. We're talking about coupling here. Isn't this amazing? They're Love Masters!"(said Nakayama Mariko) became the comments about us. Thanks to that, Taichi and Kiriyama clearly began to take action in the first week and the rumors spread. People who came for advice appeared. The way the rumor was spread seemed like it was selling Taichi's name. For example, a girl in the class next door asked "I'm worried about Taira in Yaegashi-kun's class .....I wonder. Taichi answered with ," Give me a little time. If the person Taira like is seen in the "dream" then it's good. The problem was in the corner of Taichi's head until two days later. 【Taira is seen walking. It looks like it's after school. The person beside him is the girl that asked for advice. Very close friends and their shoulders were touching. And then they held......】With that seen in "Dream Perception, Taichi told the girl, " I think there's a chance" Then 2 days later. "Yaegashi-kun, Thank you! My confession was a success! Taira also seem to have been thinking about me too." "Isn't that great? Congratulations." "But, how did you know there was a chance?" "umm, I heard it from an acquaintance" "huh? You seem like a detective. Anyways thanks. If Yaegashi-kun says "go for it", this relationship will only be broken because I was to scared to confess I think." I was able to help make a couple be openly to the public.

It is the start of October. Today after school, a male student form Taichi's class asked Taichi for advice. "Really, Is it really ok?" "yeah, decisively go for it." Taichi pushed him from the back. "......I get it. Thanks, Yaegashi! If you say so, I feel like doing it! You're really the Missionary of Love!" Hang in there, said Taichi as he sees him off. From other person's patterns of the counselling, because it is understood that the girl has feelings for him (according to Kiriyama's "Dream Perception"), Taichi clearly told him. Taichi also stood up and left the classroom. " You look like you've been doing well recently, Yaegashi-kun" It's coldly becoming transparent and dark. The temperature in the area has changed. This kind of delusion. The class room's remaining three person group left the room leaving only Taichi and Fujishima Maiko. The two faced each other. The silhouettes faded away, Fujishima's intense presence remained. What's with this uneasiness? ".....eh, you were this close?" ".......When the silhouettes fades, there something I want to say I wonder." "Well, recently you have been speaking with the entire class a bit less." "uh...... even I.....even I ......!" Fujishima shifted are glasses and rubbed the tears starting to fall. "Don't cry. I'm just joking, just joking. You're not the type to have a dark personality. Anyhow, I'm saying things without considering other all over the place I think. The response was out side of my expectation thouugh ----. 【It's Fujishima/ Her hands on her hips, loudly laughing. In font of Fujishima is a person bent down. It looks like kneeling d'own. The person doing that is......Yaegashi Taichi. Taichi said "I am defeated by Fujishima Maiko .....The title  "Missionary of Love" belongs to Fujishima-sama....." Fujishima answered, "That's right. That title is only fitting for me. Hahahahaha!" 】I just saw an unthinkable "dream".Above all look as if nothing happened. "You don't need to worry, The title of "Missionary of Love" will be returned to you at anytime." "How? You followed up on the thing I eavesdropped to find out and became worried about it" . This is getting weird. I just had a meaningless wild idea, it seems she mistaken it for something. 



  • "Yume" (夢) means "Dream".


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