Kokoro Connect Volume 05
Volume Title Clip Time
Release Date May 30, 2011
Number of Pages 318
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Kokoro Connect Clip Time (ココロコネクトクリップタイム) is a Japanese light novel written by Sadanatsu Anda, with illustrations by Shiromizakana. Clip Time was released on May 30, 2011. The side story "Kiriyama's First Time" has been adapted in the Manga of Kokoro Connect after the content of Hito Random. 


A collection of side stories that take place between various arcs. Chapter 1 occurs before the Hito Random arc, during Yamaboshi High's cultural festival. Chapter 2 takes place after Hito Random and details Yui's first "date". Chapter 3's story occurs after the Kizu Random arc, and chronicles Inaba's early attempts at getting Taichi to fall for her. Finally, the last story takes place after the Michi Random arc and explains how the two new club members, Enjouji Shino and Uwa Chihiro, join the Student Cultural Society.


Chapter 1 - The Correct Way to Use a Scoop Photo

Chapter 2- Kiriyama Yui's First Time Experience

Chapter 3- Inaba's Solo Battle

Chapter 4- Pentagon ++


Novel Illustrations


  • The chapter title Pentagon++ means the 5 original members (Pentagon) has two new members added to the group.
  • Some of the content from, "Yui's First Time Experience" was adapted in the PSP game, Yochi Random and the entire short story was adapted in the manga volume 3 and 4.


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