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Kokoro Connect Hito Random (ココロコネクトヒトランダム) is a Japanese light novel written by Sadanatsu Anda, with illustrations by Shiromizakana. Hito Random was released on January 30, 2010. This volume was adapted into Anime Episodes 1 to 5.


The Student Cultural Society is an eclectic bunch: a pro wrestling fanboy, a goofy ditz, a master of snark, a laid-back jokester, and a total girly-girl. Their peaceful teenage lives are turned upside-down, however, when they suddenly and inexplicably start swapping bodies with each other. At first it's all wacky hijinks... but then things get a little too personal. Boundaries are crossed, and dark secrets come to light - secrets that threaten to destroy the very foundations of their friendship. Who - or what - is causing the body-swap phenomenon? Will it ever stop? But most of all... can their club survive it?


Chapter 1 - By the Time We Realized It, It Had Already Begun.

Chapter 2 - B___

Chapter 3 - Definition of "Fascinating"

Chapter 4 - Bonds and bombshells (One week later)

Chapter 5 - Soliloquy of a Jobber

Chapter 6 - Low Blow

Chapter 7 - Conclude and Begin Anew

Chapter 8 - Born that way

Chapter 9 - In love and Death



Novel Illustrations


  • "Hito" (人) translates to "People."
  • This volume won the Special Prize at Enterbrain's 11th Entertainment Awards in 2009.
  • The original title of this volume was "Hito Tsunagari Te, Doko e Yuku" (ヒトツナガリテ、ドコへユク?), or "People Are Connected, Wherever They Go", before being retitled Kokoro Connect Hito Random.