Kokoro Connect Another Version Booklet
Volume Title My Only Brother (私だけお兄ちゃん)
Release Date September 30, 2012
Number of Pages 45
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The Kokoro Connect Another Version Booklet (ココロコネクト出張版) was included with each purchase of Volume 9. Told through the perspective of Taichi's sister, Rina, the booklet details a short story of Rina's experience observing and interviewing each member of the Student Cultural Society at Taichi's house. The events of the booklet take place during one of the StuCS activities between the events of Step Time and Asu Random I.


My brother is bringing his friends from his club over to our home?! Why didn't he say something sooner?! But Inaba is also coming, too! Ok, I'll first straighten my hair and change......What? Be mature and stay in my room? Huhuhu. Oppression! Oppression! With that happening, I'll grade them in my notebook and afterwards guide my brother! 


  • The cover shows Iori with her hair before her second year instead of her current hair in the timeframe of the novel.
  • According to this short story, Inaba has come over to Taichi's home before and each time there was an argument between her and Rina.
  • This side story is included in the side stories collection Precious Time.

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