Dream Perception (夢中透視) is the sixth supernatural phenomenon the members of the Cultural Club experience. This is the final phenomenon that Heartseed causes, referring to it as a "bonus stage". This phenomenon is featured during the Yume Random arc.


The power of the phenomenon is given only to the five original members of the StuCS. The power allows the club members to perceive the desires, thoughts, and hopes of others which can be summed up as a "dream". The members can only see the "dreams" of people outside of the StuCS and only of people associated with Yamaboshi High; this includes teachers and other students, even if the members are not acquainted with them. The "dreams" are usually split second desires and whom they are from and when the phenomenon activates is completely random. It seems that the "dreams" of a person have a high chance to be seen the more physically close a person is to a member.


  • This is the only phenomenon that the original five StuCS members are able utilize but do not suffer from, themselves.
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