Desire Unleash

Novel Debut

Kizu Random

Desire Unleash (欲望開放) is the second supernatural phenomenon by Heartseed that the StuCS experience. This phenomenon first appeared in Kizu Random but would later reappear in Asu Random I, plaguing the first year students.


As the name implies, this phenomenon forces a person to give into their impulses and desires, completely disregarding any restraint they would normally have. As such, even impulses to steal or murder can potentially be unleashed. When the phenomenon activates is completely random, but it seems to be more prone to activate when a person is experiencing more acute emotions. Apparently, when the phenomenon activates, the person can hear a voice in their head commanding them to act out their impulses.

This phenomenon demands immediate gratification, so if the desire is a task that would take a long time to carry out, the impulse may peter out before it is completed. It is suggested that an unleashed desire can be overridden by an even stronger desire, but this theory was never successfully implemented.

In Asu Random I, one of the first year students decided to hide somewhere alone so that if this phenomenon happens he won't be able to do any damage. Two of the students affected are Kanda and Horiguchi. But, as Inaba suspected in Kizu Random, the boy sprinted out after hiding for a bit.


  • Compared to the novel/manga, in the anime, this phenomenon is significantly toned down due to the darker and inappropriate content.
  • This is the only phenomenon which directly caused physical injuries to people outside of the StuCS.
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